About the Author

Michael Wolf, Certified Master Teaching Professional, has been playing golf for 39 years and teaching professionally for over 25 years. He has given over 20,000 golf lessons.

He has taught in many different settings: country clubs, public golf courses, practice facilities, and resort settings. During that time he enjoyed many different types of people and golfers and feels qualified to recommend the method he feels is right for each person.

Having given thousands of lessons, Mike knows it is a real study in human nature while helping a person gain success with their golf game. Especially in a resort setting, where you might have people from all over the world in a class, or some who don’t even speak English, you must be able to communicate to the satisfaction of each student. If, as a teacher, you only have one way of saying something, you will be severely limited in your successes.

From the beginning, Mike has attempted to develop a rapport with his students by clearly stating their goals, telling them how to lay down a program of improvement, and by teaching them why it is important to pursue their method a certain way. They are then much more receptive to change and hunger to improve.