Disc 1

Length: 41 Minutes


Build a Method that “Matches”

  • Use your talent to get better, not get by
  • Adopt a method and build that method
  • Teaching = Tell how, Show how, but then tell WHY
  • Avoid a mixed method – Draw and Slice tendencies
  • PULL THE CLUB – Left Side Leads
  • I teach a DRAW method
  • All shots a combination of Path & Face
  • Path defined by swing – Face defined by mechanics

Everything Works Off of the Grip

  • Hands are the Clubface
  • Quiet hands keep clubface available for the ball
  • Good grip MAKES you swing
  • Grip builds TENDENCY for clubface to square
  • Hands (Grip) not a motor – More of a Steering Wheel
  • CLUBHEAD speed good – CLUBFACE speed bad
  • Hold club mostly in fingers so hands can relax
  • Left hand grip mirrors natural hanging position
  • Left thumb acts as a “rudder” for the toe of the club
  • Pick the club up to make your grip – Use the weight in the head
  • 3 Things: Angle of the shaft, Face of the club, THEN grip the club
  • Don’t strike at the ball – SWING HITS THE SHOT
  • Handle and club head do the same thing
  • Weak Grip – hand on club, face on the ball, feeling of club in swing
  • OVERLAP or INTERLOCK – Make hands a UNIT
  • Thumbs on Opposite sides of club – Neutralize each other
  • V’s (Thumb & Forefinger on each hand) match – Same Influence

Stance & Alignment

  • Stance is “Tripod” of the swing – Base of the swing
  • Athletic stance – Strong positions – Relaxed power
  • Slight knee bend
  • Counter balance – Hips & Shoulders
  • First goal – BEGIN in good athletic position to the top
  • Higher Goal – MAINTAIN athletic position to the top
  • Backswing too fast-too far (no good)
  • All swings different
  • Backswing “Negotiable”
  • More important to be DISCIPLINED than “Correct”
  • “Swing” begins after raising club to the top
  • Alignment is key to comfortable swing
  • Path (Line through the ball) aims at target
  • Align parallel with path to the target

Ball Position

  • Ball position is relationship of ball and left heel (Bottom of Arc)
  • Move ball back = Narrow the stance
  • Ball position constant, right foot variable
  • Learn to hit the ground in one spot
  • 2 shots in golf (Ground & Tee) 2 ball positions
  • Stance width changes arc (V or U shaped)
  • Ball position (Ground) – 2 or 3 balls behind left heel
    • (Tee) – even with left heel
  • Ground – Hands between ball and left heel (where divot starts)
  • Weight shifts THROUGH the ball but only to beginning of divot