Disc 2

Length: 58 Minutes


Swing Hits the Shot

  • Turn chest and raise arms
  • Level arms means square clubface
  • Keep elbows in position as we begin swing
  • Right elbow is first hinge – not wrist
  • Weight of club cocks the wrists
  • Lay shaft through the arms and over the right shoulder
  • MOMENTUM key to controlling swing – Speed Builds
  • Most shots ruined in backswing
  • Backswing measured in left shoulder turn
  • Heel-Ball-Head: Triangle
  • Look for things that ALL good players do
  • Swing: Move shaft in a circle, through the ball, to the target

Your Body in the Swing

  • SWING KEYS – “Where mind lies” – makes the result
  • Teaching – Feel as well as Mechanics
  • Right foot – Perpendicular to line toward target
    • Right leg stays flexed during swing
  • Left foot – Promotes follow through
    • Impact is the middle of the swing – not the end
  • Right shin – turns and swings or “releases”
  • Right Knee
  • Left Knee
  • Right Thigh – Backswing Axis
  • Left Thigh – Downswing Axis
  • Weight Shift
  • Foot Positioning
  • Spine Angle – Allow extension
  • Chest (Shoulders) turn THROUGH the ball
  • Knee bend constant to keep level through the swing
  • Right arm – elbows face ground and stays there

Swing Keys (FEEL)

  • Two types of players – Artist & Mechanic
  • Mechanic searches for feel
  • Artist must learn method and discipline
  • Keys build instinct and swing feel
  • Release & Extension
  • Fake release and correct release
  • Left arm must swing
  • RELEASE – Shaft ROLLS as whole club goes forward
  • Stop & Hit move
  • Left hand is the heel of club – Right hand is the toe
  • Ball feels – Path of square face – Not collapse of the face
  • Stay under the ball – Right collar bone stays under left always
  • No “TO” but “THROUGH” the ball

Weight Shift

  • Weight shifts a short distance during swing
  • Club descends as handle goes forward – weight shifts to left foot
  • DRAWPOINT – Weight shifts into ball – club follows on path to ball
  • Weight only shifts to where the divot starts (front of ball)


  • Highest Degree of Difficulty
  • BALL POSITION: Front of ball at back of left heel
  • Widest stance – Most balance
  • Largest flat spot in the swing
  • Move left shoulder into line (toward ball) – NOT OPEN
  • Right heel, Right arm, Right Shoulder
  • Right shoulder stays under heart through the ball
  • Break tee with right collarbone
  • Teeing Height – Hit Middle of the ball in middle of the face
  • Don’t tee too high
  • Stay Behind – Weight doesn’t pass the ball – Shift TO the ball
  • Practice swinging driver often
  • Formula – Loft, Teeing Height, Width of Stance
  • Pitch Sand Wedges – Heavy feeling in arms – Same for driver
  • Compare tension in arms and hands (Sand wedge and Driver)
  • Begin both swings with same relaxed feeling