“There are no short cuts to scratch golf. It is a journey. The golfer must welcome all of the trials with the right attitude, realizing the necessary learning process. Instead of trying to skip through the learning process, we must hunger to know every aspect of the game and experience all of the good and bad, as both lend valuable information for the future. The golfer that sees the good in all the suffering from the beginning is someone who is far ahead of the learning curve. You don’t buy new equipment every time you play badly, as if it is equipment failure. You take it upon yourself to sort it out through level thought and patience. We must try our best to enjoy the journey and show grace as we traverse the peaks and valleys.

Honest self analysis is one of the greatest talents we can have. If you are that kind of person naturally, you have a wonderful chance of success. Unfortunately, most people are inclined to hide from their weaknesses to supply quick rationalizations. That attitude is dangerous in this endeavor. If you are an honest judge of your talents you will naturally develop the habit of exploring your game for weaknesses and setting about eliminating them.

Golfers who achieve the highest levels of success don’t search for easy. Hard work helps build character, a necessary component for gaining a level of consistency. Mental ups and downs only impair our vision and our ability to play the next shot.”

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