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Steady Head- I believe players benefit most from ATTEMPTING to keep their head still. Jack Nicklaus spoke fondly about Jack Grout, his teacher, grabbing a handful of hair to remind Nicklaus of this basic fundamental.
FEELING as if your head is steady will give the results we hope to achieve. It is of little use to look at video and decide that head movement is present in many golf swings, therefore it is a positive thing or not a basic fundamental. You would not want to tell players, of all levels, to move their head while swinging, as that would lead to a general crash in their development as players. Think of the nature of golf, in terms of the changing terrain on most golf courses. Isn’t it important to build your method to play quality golf shots on all lies?

Will a moving head promote solid contact on a drastic downhill-sidehill lie? Within our discussion of a steady head, I want you to realize we are also hoping for STEADY EYES. It doesn’t matter if your head is rock steady if your eyes move all over the place. We want to have “patient eyes” while swinging the club. Finally, a steady head refers to the mental side of things also. I will discuss some of the things that allow us to play with a feeling of freedom and what is going on when the opposite is true.

It would be nice to know who was going to show up at the course each day but, the truth is, we are a slightly difference version of ourselves most days. I believe it would be best to be amused by this, rather than bitter.
I have often wondered why some days nothing bothers me and other days everything is hard. Is it biorhythm?
I see it as worthy of discussion and so it will be a part of this month’s platform.

Last month the DGA contained several written articles and 11 videos totaling over an hour of content. At that same rate this year will be produce a lot of content for our members.

Please let me know if any of you have a topic that you would like to move into discussion. You can look at the curriculum and see what is coming each month but don’t hesitate if you need to discuss now. That is what this forum depends on.

Thank you for your time and efforts toward being THE DRIVEN GOLFER.


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