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Michael Wolf, Certified Master Teaching Professional, has been playing golf for 46 years and teaching professionally for over 34 years. He has given over 30,000 golf lessons. Author of The Driven Golfer: Building Your Method For Scratch Golf. Harvey Penick Award Winner- 2016 (Top Instructor U.S./World Golf Teachers Federation)

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Ben Hogan

Due to his machine-like accuracy, unparalleled work ethic and stoic persona on the golf course, Hogan was seen to have the “secret” to ball striking. His book, Five Lessons, contained great illustrations and his ball position chart is wonderful.

Hogan’s hands look beautiful on the grip and provide a very repeatable release. Hogan can be seen “working left” with his arms post-impact, in a move most tour pros try to employ today.

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  1. Doing a better job of sliding along the wall in the backswing (1st video) should lead to improved ability to use the lead leg appropriately in the downswing (last video), correct? At least that is what I feel in my swing… I get the best out of my body while turning in the downswing when I set myself up well by stacking my backswing over the spot where I want the club to touch the ground. Additionally, great words to live by on the course and when practicing… “arms left, fingers right… that’s golf”. Love that quote there Mike!

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