Michael Wolf, Certified Master Teaching Professional, has been playing golf for 46 years and teaching professionally for over 34 years. He has given over 30,000 golf lessons. Author of The Driven Golfer: Building Your Method For Scratch Golf. Harvey Penick Award Winner- 2016 (Top Instructor U.S./World Golf Teachers Federation)

Michael was the 2016 Harvey Penick Award winner as the top instructor in the U.S. / World Golf Teachers Federation.

He has taught in many different settings: country clubs, public golf courses, practice facilities, and resort settings. During that time he enjoyed many different types of people and golfers and feels qualified to recommend the method he feels is right for each person.

Having given thousands of lessons, Michael knows it is a real study in human nature while helping a person gain success with their golf game. Especially in a resort setting, where you might have people from all over the world in a class, or some who don’t even speak English, you must be able to communicate to the satisfaction of each student. If, as a teacher, you only have one way of saying something, you will be severely limited in your successes.

From the beginning, Michael has built rapport with his students by helping them formulate a clear path to achieving their goals , laying down a program of improvement, and by teaching them WHY it is important to build THEIR method in a certain way. They are then much more receptive to change and hunger to improve. Ownership of your method is the key to long-term success in golf.


-Master Teaching Professional (Thesis- The Driven Golfer: Building Your Method For Scratch Golf)

-Callaway Master Club Fitter

-Facility/Club Management 

Student Accomplishments-

-Participants in U.S.G.A. events- U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, National Publinks, Mid-Amateur, U.S. Junior AM(Girls and Boys), North-South AM

-Western Am (Winner- Dylan Meyer)

-North-South Am (Runner Up- David Erdy)

-Western Junior Am (Runner Up-Dylan Meyer)

-#1 Ranked Amateur in the World (Golfweek)

-Multiple PGA Tour Events

-3 High School Girls Team State Champions (Indiana)

-1 High School Boys Team State Champion (Indiana)

-1 High School Boys Team State Champion (Illinois)

-2020 Kentucky High School Girls Individual State Champion- Macey Brown

-Over $1,000,000 College Golf Scholarships Granted

From the Author,

My hope is that we can build a group of golfers, Driven Golfers, who approach the game with a hunger to improve and gain the many things golf has to offer. I hope you will see this book as your loyal friend, an ally ready to help steady your course and reaffirm your path of improvement. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to become part of the Driven Golfer Academy. Those members will receive a monthly newsletter and have access to video on different aspects of the game. Additionally, a member can make direct contact to ask personalized questions and get support as they build their method. I have always felt honored when someone came to me for help with their golf game. I am dedicated to their successes and a lifetime of enjoyment. After 34 years of teaching professionally, I am very excited to bring you The Driven Golfer: Building Your Method For Scratch Golf and the ongoing benefits of membership in The Driven Golfer Academy,
Live Well,