The Driven Golfer: Building Your Method For Scratch Golf

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I intend to bring together a group of students, united in the goal of lasting improvement through structured method building. The curriculum will be built, through the first year, from the introductory section (Pg.XXIII): My Best Advice For Method Building. The first week of each month there will be a Driven Golfer Academy (DGA) newsletter delivered to your email. It will further outline the specific topic of that month, other areas of instruction and topics from the golf world in general. Also, I will provide insight and answer member questions generated through the member Q & A tab. Members can provide video and receive personalized instruction. Through the course of the next year we will build a library of information that can be utilized in the future and will create a platform that we can expand upon in the coming years. Other ideas, like Podcasts and on-sight clinics are in the future as well. My goal is to bring my students together, as Driven Golfers, and build a network where we enjoy golfing success, not only on a personal level, but as a group as a whole.

Table of Contents

V _ Forward

IX _ Introduction

XIII _ Teaching Golf

XIX _ Secrets To The Game

XXIII _ Best Advice

XXVI _ College / Junior Golf

1 _ Chapter 1- Adopting Your Method

6 _ Chapter 2- Gripping The Club

21 _ Chapter 3- Release: Owning The Exit Window

45 _ Chapter 4- Stance: Posture, Alignment & Aim

57 _ Chapter 5- Ball Position

64 _ Chapter 6- Swinging The Club

95 _ Chapter 7- Your Body & The Golf Swing

103 _ Chapter 8- Swing Topics

121 _ Chapter 9- Driving

133 _ Chapter 10- Wedgeplay

185 _ Chapter 11- Putting

196 _ Chapter 12- Practicing

219 _ Chapter 13- Playing Golf

223 _ Chapter 14- Trackman & Launch Monitors

226 _  Chapter 15- Club Fitting

228 _ The Driven Foursome

236 _ Conclusion-Choosing to Succeed

238 _ Glossary