What Will I Learn In The Chapter Videos?

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Chapter 1 -Adopting Your Method

How good is your swing and how good are your mechanics? Every golf shot is the combination of the two.

Chapter 2 -Gripping the Club

A good grip MAKES you use your golf swing. A poor grip keeps you from using your swing.

Chapter 3 -Release: Owning the Exit Window

The term “release” implies ALLOWING the energy gathered in your backswing to propel the ball into the distance.

Chapter 4 -Stance: Posture, Alignment & Aim

Great athletic position allows us to create effortless power. When you control your body, you control the club and so you then control the golf ball.

Chapter 5 -Ball Position

Consistent ball position allows us to build an instinct for impact in our golf swing.  Then we calmly look at the ball and swing.

Chapter 6 -Swinging the Club

Your swing needs only to be functional. It’s a reflection of the kind of athlete, and person, you are.

Chapter 7 -Your Body and the Golf Swing

Every part of your body is a potential participant in our golf swing. Both sides of our body function with equal obligation.

Chapter 8 -Swing Topics

Momentum works in all swings. This gradual building speed never loses control and allows the kind of swing freedom all golfers search for.

Chapter 9 -Driving

Your driver is an accuracy club like any other in the bag. When you achieve solid strikes and accuracy you will have also achieved length along the way.

Chapter 10 -Wedgeplay

Elite level wedge players are mature enough to select the club best suited for the situation and the swing that fits the requirements of the shot.

Chapter 11 -Putting

Great putters allow the artistic golfer (in us all) to flourish. Optimism, trust and intent all play a part in successful performance on the green.

Chapter 12 -Practicing

Practice needs to be an examination of our skills and preparation for the things we encounter while playing.

Chapter 13 -Playing Golf

To shoot low scores or win golf tournaments we must develop an advantage over the field, something we do better than anyone else. We use that advantage by making sound decisions and with 100% commitment to each shot.